North of the Border

Free Skate Mag sent a few teams to northwestern France for the Battle of Normandy 2018. Details on the affair are sketchy - is it a contest? a concept? - but regardless, we've been blessed with some great montages from:

"So Luke and I are last to board, there's only two seats left, Luke snagged the first one and of course the only empty seat left was next to a psychopath. I can smell the Wild Turkey as I sit down, I quickly realize he's talking to multiple imaginary people while informing me he's the "Road Runner.‚" Which also means every 3-5 minutes you would randomly hear him shout, "Beep Beep!‚" At one point he got up to pee and fell out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles while simultaneously trying to fight me.‚" Read a few more behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the Traffic team's time filming Look Left on the Theories site.

Thrasher uploaded the Quasi video in full, so if you've somehow resisted watching it for an entire summer (for whatever reason), now's your chance.

As promised last week, the Blue Tile Lounge has been coming through with Baby Blue parts. You might have missed out on Lee Yankou's part before it got pulled, but Evan Hay and Jed Anderson are more than enough to sate your appetite.

The Dickies skate team cruised through some Palm Springs ditches, which doesn't sound that cool until you realize there's Jake Johnson footage.

Buffalo native and bluntslider extraordinaire Dan Plunkett is in the hot seat on The Bunt.

See you in Canada?


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