Dustin Eggeling Busted Mic Remix

If you somehow missed Dustin Eggeling's "Shady Blues" video for Hopps, first of all where have you been, but secondly, make sure to peep it. If you didn't know, Dustin, as well as a lot of TOA affiliates, are originally from the Tampa Bay area and one of the raddest things happening in the Tampa skate scene over the last few years has been Busted Mic Creations, the moniker of long time Tampa filmer/editor Stephen Buggica.

We thought it would be rad to send Buggica a folder of all of Dustin's raw footage and have him take a crack at making his own version of Dustin's video part. With Dustin being such an involved part of the Tampa skate scene even up to this day, it would be rad to see what Busted Mic would put together for the Tampa native. Stephen let us know today that he just finished the remix and we're stoked to offer it up to you for a little mid-week enjoyment right now.

So click below and enjoy a whole new look at Dustin Eggeling's "Shady Blues" part through the eyes of Busted Mic Creations!......enjoy!

ALSO, after being sold out for a month, we JUST restocked on Dustin's original pro board so snag one here if you missed out.

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