Hiroki Muraoka's "Spirit Quest" Part

Feast your eyes and ears on Traffic pro Hiroki Muraoka's ender part from Spirit Quest.

Rent or buy Spirit Quest in its entirety of 80 minutes, plus extras: spiritquest.vhx.tv/ mandibleclaw.com

Krackatoa Video from Lisbon, Portugal

We're always hyped to help showcase skateboarding and video-makers from around the world. And we recently received a link from first time filmer/editor Thomas Bento showcasing 2-3 years of filming in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. It looks like these guys have a rad scene and that they skate non-stop. Aside from some gruesome slams, this one is a fun watch and a rad glimpse into a different culture and scene.

Atlantic Drift Hawaii

That's right. Not only do the Isle boys get to travel the world to film on all of the best spots and have their footage edited by one of the raddest filmmakers in skateboarding.....now they got to go to a tropical paradise, lounge in the sun and swim in waterfalls. Tough life, mates.

Ok, click below and enjoy! 

"Sally Chinatown" by the Sally boys in Vancouver

Our friends up in Vancouver shared a new video project with us recently with a subtle reference to Seinfeld so it immediately found spot in our hearts. Always stoked to get a glimpse into some of the different crews in towns that don't get much love. And who could go wrong with a soundtrack including Brian Eno, Grace Jones and Suicide? So take a moment to enjoy "Sally Chinatown"........

Evisen x Killer Bong

The Evisen boys just released a short new edit to coincide with a collaboration they did with rapper/noise artist Killer Bong. I don't know anything about this rapper but I'm assuming something is just lost in translation that takes the poetry out of his name. But regardless, always stoked to see the Evisen team shredding.....so, enjoy!

"Yallah" by by Jamal Jabbar

Our friends over at Vague Mag just posted a story and video project titled "Yallah" that looks quite interesting. Yallah' is a video by Jamal 'Junior' Jabbar filmed in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Morocco. Featuring Kieran Menzies, Scott ‘Dunder’ Anderson, Miles Kondracki, Ricky Davidson, Emeka Wambu, Adam Todhunter, Ross Zajac, Cameron Lenton, Shaun Allison, Neil Kellas, Nick Dow, George Horler, Rory Muirhead, Niko Daferareas, Chris Nwufoh, Myles Shankie, Lloyd Hodgeson and Cameron Gooden

New Pop Trading Clip by Sami El Hassani

Pop Trading Co has been releasing small video pieces consistently over the years but this new piece is especially spicy. Really well put together and featuring some really impressive skating, this edit is the perfect length and vibe to get you fired up for an afternoon shred. Check it out!