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About a week and a half ago the TOA crew made a trip up to Boston for Pep Kim's Static 456 photo show at Orchard Skateshop, marking the second time his photos from the making of the video have been exhibited.  Besides going to show their support for the show, Dustin Eggeling, Aaron Herrington, Kevin Coakley and Brian Clarke came along to meet up and skate around Boston with the locals.  Click ahead for video of the event.


It's hard enough to get noticed in the skateboarding world these days considering how good everybody is. But you at least stand a chance if you live in California or, in recent phenomenon, New York City.  But if you live anywhere w/in the interior of the United States it's so difficult that you almost have to cover your body in lighter fluid and set yourself ablaze to get some eyes pointed in your direction. But in my opinion, it's these little-known cities and underground scenes that often have some of the most interesting styles and personalities. Read on...


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of filming a major video part? Then look no further. In this installment of Inside the Skater's Studio Danny Montoya sits down with us to discuss his section in Adio Footwear's "One Step Beyond".   Topics include doing tricks on film once and then never again, marathon lines, and not wearing Adio shoes... except to skate.  Also did 9/11 play a role in the popularity of One Step Beyond? Click ahead to find out more.

I feel like he’s a tail slide 270’er
— Brian Clarke