Last summer Magenta got their whole crew together to skate the streets of Bordeaux and Paris, France. No crazy missions to get the latest combos, just simple clean skating. This is only the first edit of what they filmed and already looks really sick. Featuring: Soy Panday, Kochiro Uehara, Zach Lyons, Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Vivien Feil, Ben Gore and many more. Check it out.


The Theories of Atlantis crew has been up and down the state of Florida for the past week. Now we have a little photo update from the road. There's also a tour video in progress, stay tuned for that. For now you can check out some photos here and also a little video piece from the Skate Park of Tampa.


We're stoked to be checking in again with one of our favorite brands, Traffic Skateboards.  They just dropped a brand new edit tonight and chose to premiere it exclusively here at TOA. Featuring: Luke Malaney, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Coakley, and Yonnie Cruz, and with appearances by Mark Wetzel, George Hanuschak,  Pat Stiener, Hiroki Muraoka, Deshi, and Rich Adler.  Video by Joe Bressler.

How come Drake only puts out hits?
— Brendan Carroll