On 'Inside the Skater's Studio' we sit down with our favorite skaters and revisit the video part that made them a household name; getting some inside stories and behind the scenes details you may have never even wanted to know. This week's edition brings us London's Nick Jensen and his classic part from Blueprint Skateboards "Lost & Found." Nick sits back with some tea and shares some stories about skating handrails, reflective jeans, and working with Dan Magee. Cheers.


We are proud to bring you an electrifying and suspenseful game of skate from two of Long Island's greatest and most stylish skateboarders, Keith Denley and Brian Clarke.  Keith and Brian have been friends since they started skating and it's sick to be able to have a chance to watch them not only skate for the same company but to see them battle it out here for our entertainment.  Keith's mastery of flat ground makes it apparent that his training has been working well for him, and an overall disappointing performance by Brian Clarke is a bit of a surprise here.  Click on to see the action for yourself.

I used to drink a 40 of King Cobra, get halfway and then pour a sparks into it. We called it a ‘Hyper-Vyper’
— Joe Bressler