Washer II Video

Our friends over at Vague Skate Mag just informed us about a rad video project out of Cardiff in the UK just went live. Filmed by Harry Deane, Christian Hart and Mike Ridout featuring Welsh fellas: Jess Young, PJ Jenkins, Lloyd Houston, Ethan Watkins, Nick Jones, Llyr Roberts, Mike Hellier, Jake Collins, Mike Ridout, Kevin Barry, Tom Bailey, Llewys Watkins, Dylan Hughes, Rikk Fields, Lewis Keen, Rhys Whaley, Lewis Threadgold, Caradog Emanuel, Welsh Tommy, Gaz Leak, Huw Caddy, Tariq Kinani, Jon Faulkner, Reid Allen, Jack Carter, Will Creswick, Josh Underwood, Sean Barnes.

Peep it below!