Spirit Quest Premiere Tickets

Premiering Saturday, August 13 at the SVA Theatre in New York City, you can guarantee yourself a seat at the world premiere of 'Spirit Quest' by purchasing one of these 100 available tickets now. Purchase your ticket now and you will be added to a limited VIP list and given first access to the theater to grab a seat before the first-come/first-serve public line is allowed in.

The TOA team was given a sneak peek pre-viewing and we must say that the video is nothing short of incredible. With an unbelievably diverse line-up including Quim Cardona, Hiroki Muroaka, Ben Gore, Taylor Nawrocki, Jimmy Lannon, Vincent Touzery, Marty Murawski and Chris Jones to name just a few.

Doors open for the reception party at 6:30 and the movie begins promptly at 8:00pm. This will not be like most skate premieres that start late. The start time will be strict and exact.

SVA Theatre, located at 333 West 23rd Street