Ben Gore Bright Moments

Ben Gore’s part in Zach Chamberlin’s Bright Moments video is not your average walk in the park, every trick revolves around some sort of scooter or motorcycle. I hit up Ben to get the skinny on how he managed to avoid getting beaten up and what exactly it was that he did over two Harleys.—Dave Chami

How long have you been filming with Zach and how is it filming with him?
I think I’ve been hanging with Zach for 9 years now. He use to pick me up on his motorcycle and we’d just cruise around and hit spots. Filming with him is the best! He’s down for everything and no terrain stops him. What most people don’t know is that he’s actually better at skating then me, haha. He’s super talented whether he’s filming a trick or doing a trick. I’d like to film a part of him.

How did you come up with the idea to film a whole part skating over motorcycles and scooters? I’m interested to know what sparked it.
I think we just randomly filmed a couple clips on them and then I just said fuck it, let’s film a whole part. It started naturally then I took it a bit too far.

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