Christian Maalouf's "WKND" Part

High jumper extraordinaire, and Theories Brand agent, Christian Maalouf just dropped an amazing new part for WKND. Welcome to the pro ranks, Christian!

45 Apparel 411 Promo

Some of our friends down in Florida just released a little promo for their local apparel brand 45 apparel. It's got a pretty rad little 411 them and it features a bunch of the dudes in the up and coming Florida scene so it's worth a gander on this rainy Wednesday.....

Corner Store Skate Co Edit

Kevin Coakley sent over a new video piece that he has a clip in that just went live on the Thrasher website. It's a new video by Massachusets brand Corner Store Skate Co. Check it out when you get a chance.

The Dial Tone roster keeps growing...

The new Dial Tone brand has been hitting us with rad new announcements almost every other day. And last night the team list grew by another awesome skater, Baltimore's Brian Powderly. Check the 4 announcements below to get hyped and follow @dialtonemg for more updates.

"Pacemaker" by Threads

Here is Pacemaker, the 5th video offering from threads. Pacemaker, was built on the concept of being more of an edit tape than skate video, a collection of the skating captured from going out with your friends over the course of a year. eatures: Nick Guertin, Cameron Dell, Jim Arnold, Randy Rhodes, Garrett Haschke, Shane Farber, James Coleman, Hartman Austin, Andrew Edge, and David Clark.

Embassy Video "Aylene"

Stoked on this new video piece by our friends out in Ohio at Embassy Skate Shop. Some serious ripping in this project so you might want to watch it with a helmet and safety glasses

Vague Mag "VIN" Video

Our friends over at Vague mag in the UK just released a little edit of James Harris. Check it out below: