Embassy: 93

Embassy skate shop in Columbus, OH just dropped a rad new edit entitled “Embassy: 93”. The crusty spots don’t even phase the embassy crew. Enjoy!

The Wire Spot 2018

Our friends down in Baltimore just release a little video project by Jake Baldini filmed entirely at the infamous “Wire Spot”. The cuttiest skate spot with the widest assortment of spot options and opportunities to witness a real live drive-by shooting or drug deal gone bad.

Peep it below!

Jeremy Murray - Skating Is Easy Part

Pete Spooner just uploaded Jeremy Murray’s really sick part from “Skating is Easy” to the interwebs. Start your day off right and give it a watch. Copies of the video available here.

Alexis Sablone Jenkem Mix

You may not be able to kick flip like Alexis, but you can listen to the same music as her. Alexis’s “Jenkem Mix” is now live and a great listen.

Alexis Sablone Welcome to Converse Part

Dial Tone’s Alexis Sablone is the latest addition to the Converse CONS skate team. Keep your eyes peeled for big things in store for 2019 from Alexis. Filmed/Edited By: Grant Yansura Illustrations By: Alexis Sablone

Traffic Spot Seeker Tour

Traffic recently unearthed some old scans from the original Spot Seeker tour in 2005. Be on the lookout for the Spot Seeker II tour this Spring