Butter Goods In Melbourne

Ben Gore, Taylor Nawrocki, Alex Schmidt and the rest of the Butter team have a little video from their trip in Melbourne Australia.

Yaje Popson in Riddles in Mathematics

One of the rare NY skaters actually born and raised in Manhattan, Yaje Popson went from being a little kid with a rad style to an incredibly talented grown up......with an even better style. His part from Transworld's "Riddles in Mathematics" is now online and definitely worth checking out.

Rounding Em Up

WKND went to Hawaii to film a montage for their collaboration with Nike, because who doesn't immediately associate leather high-tops with tropical weather? 

On the remix tip, here's some classic 411-era Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams, courtesy of The Tennyson Corporation. 

Mike Carroll waxes nostalgic about Embarcadero and talks trick names in this week's Nine Club. 

Dom Henry's short and sweet part in last year's Politic video, Division, is now online. 

Six minutes of Bronze affiliates in Hi-8. 

Friday's Weekly Roundup #1

So, you've made it to the end of yet another week. Congratulations! Here's our Cliff's Notes version of this week's news to help save you time from skimming the web. Enjoy:

Bump-to-obstacle master and perpetual 90s throwback John Shanahan has some raw footage up on the Thrasher site, and an interview with Josh Kalis, to boot.


ICYMI: The Vacation uploaded their inaugural video offering from last year’s Threadcleaner, featuring David Clark, Brian Powderly, Jonathan Ettman, and Jason Spivey, who’s still along for the ride in Threads productions.

Speaking of the South, looks like Atlanta’s Black Blocks is a go again.

On the audio side of audiovisual, Thrasher Radio’s latest episode features the ever-enigmatic Mark Gonzales, and The Bunt’s latest guest is Mark Suciu.

Dane Barker skates fast.

Free Skate Mag has been posting up parts from Frank Skateboard’s Out of Business for a few weeks now. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch the Eniz Fazliov part.

Mark Humienik posted some cryptic screen grabs on his Instagram a few days ago. New Bronze video coming sooner rather than later?


-Andrew Murrell

No Bad Days

A new underground video out of Washington DC featuring a gaggle of beltway shredders holding down Pulaski pretty hard. And our boy Beemon Johnson popping so high he basically gets run over by a bus! Check it out


A little edit from our friends in Scotland. Filmed by Kieron Forbes in and around Edinburgh. Featuring Daniel Nicholas, Keith Allan, George Horler, Finlay Allan, & Tom Alford. Original music by George Horler.

Absolute Event Horizon

Pontus Alv goes digs up some gems for the "Absolute Event Horizon" show which will be on display in the Schunck Museum in the Dutch town of Heerlen, and this video documenting the selection process of the exhibits will be shown.

More Oski....Nike's "Elite Squad"

If you're aware of Oskar Rozenberg, you know that he is insane all terrain shredder. This new Nike piece that just launched in conjunction with Free Mag is no joke. Check it out below!