Alexis Sablone Welcome to Converse Part

Dial Tone’s Alexis Sablone is the latest addition to the Converse CONS skate team. Keep your eyes peeled for big things in store for 2019 from Alexis. Filmed/Edited By: Grant Yansura Illustrations By: Alexis Sablone

Traffic Spot Seeker Tour

Traffic recently unearthed some old scans from the original Spot Seeker tour in 2005. Be on the lookout for the Spot Seeker II tour this Spring

Loophole Wheels "Stack Your Bread"

Our homies in San Francisco just started their own wheel brand Loophole Wheels and we’re stoked to help get the word out by sharing their first video offering…..”Stack Your Bread” is filmed in San Francisco and features Roger Krebs, Glen Fox, Jesse Narvaez, Jameel Douglas, Chris Athans and Ryan Barlow. And filmed by the incredible lensman Zach Chamberlin. Enjoy!

Brian Powderly & Ben Schmidt “Lake Trout” Part

Brian Powderly and Ben Schmidt's part from the BOHTZ! Hardware video "Lake Trout." Filmed by Zach Dykes Edited by Bryan Vana Additional filming by Zac Pfaeffle, Ben Schmidt, Bryan Vana

Purchase the DVD:

Today: With Kevin Coakley

A minute with Coakley, making life happen in between work hours while living in NYC.

Video by @waylonboner Music by Daniel Gris

Kovalam Skate Club

A friend of ours helps do an awesome thing for young kids in India, a skate class called the Kovalam Skate Club for underprivileged kids. He’s doing a very modest crowd funding campaign right now to gather some money to help buy new equipment for the kids. We’re going to donate some TOA gear as well but click below and throw them some cash if you’d like to help out.

TuPode Trailer for "Duvidas"

Through the TOA site as well as through just skateboarding in general we have made countless friends from around the world. And we have tons of respect for small brands doing their own thing in their own local scenes. Some friends we met several years ago in the north of Brazil have a small brand called Tupode. And they just released a trailer for their first full length video called “Duvidas”. So we’re stoked to help showcase it and hopefully introduce some of you to what these guys are doing down in jungle.