Grey Mag Video

Grey Mag just launched a rad new edit on their site that's worth checking out, featuring some solid mates like Isle Skateboards pro Sylvain Tognelli and more.

Valencia Report

John Valenti checks in from Valencia, Spain with some footage from Taylor Nawrocki, Danny Renaud, Dave Caddo, Dom Henry, Max Van Arnem, Brian Downey, and Chris Jata.

Zoe Milos' Part from "Solsticij"

A video-maker from Croatia just released a rad new independent vide called "Solsticij". One of the parts just went up online and we wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

5 Favorites With GX1000

Quartersnacks has a Five Favorite parts with Ryan Garshell you should def check out.

(Photo from Richard Hart)

Ryan Garshell is committed to the craft of filming in as literal of a sense as imaginable — the only way he bails on a hill bomb is if a car literally forces him off his board. While some put their energy into production value, weird archival footage and editing, GX’s preoccupation is portraying skating’s rawness and lasting criminality. Garshell is skating’s largest proponent of the camera that Bill Strobeck threw in the trash a few years ago, and his filming is often as fucked as whatever is going on in front of the lens. As the skater, there must be some added incentive to land tricks when you know that your filmer will see the clip through no matter how steep the hill, how bummed the homeowner or how many cops are present.

- Zach Baker