A little edit from our friends in Scotland. Filmed by Kieron Forbes in and around Edinburgh. Featuring Daniel Nicholas, Keith Allan, George Horler, Finlay Allan, & Tom Alford. Original music by George Horler.

Absolute Event Horizon

Pontus Alv goes digs up some gems for the "Absolute Event Horizon" show which will be on display in the Schunck Museum in the Dutch town of Heerlen, and this video documenting the selection process of the exhibits will be shown.

More Oski....Nike's "Elite Squad"

If you're aware of Oskar Rozenberg, you know that he is insane all terrain shredder. This new Nike piece that just launched in conjunction with Free Mag is no joke. Check it out below!

Leo Valls Cafe Creme Interview

I’ve come across Leo many times during random trips or events and through common longtime friends, so the idea of interviewing him has been there for a while. What is remarkable with Leo is you can identify his style and approach to skateboarding almost instantly. He gets inspired everywhere he travels and has consistently challenged the rules and trends of skateboarding for over a decade now. Recently Leo’s been busy; actively helping to make skateboarding legal again in Bordeaux, travelling with the Magenta crew, changing shoe sponsor, directing funny skits with his friend Seb Daurel and even contributing to CafeCreme on occasions. What better time to interview him? Continue reading....

Atlantic Drift Round Three

Jacob Harris and the Isle boys are back again with another Atlantic Drift edit. This time they're all shredding the streets of Paris, and judging by the last frames it looks like they're drifting into NYC for episode four. Also be sure to check episodes one and two.

Supervisual Full Video on TWS

Well, if you never manage to pick up a copy of the awesome indie video "Supervisual" off the TOA web store, fear not. It's actually now live on the TWS site for your free viewing pleasure. You g'damned cheapskate. Click below and enjoy.