Thankful For Keith

Hopps rider Keith Denley has been one of our favorites for years, it's also quite apparent we're not alone in thinking this. Unfortunately, Keith hasn't blessed us with that full part yet, so Quartersnacks did the next best thing and rounded up a "Best Of" edit of some classic Keith footy. Enjoy.

"Tulip" a Message in a Bottle from the UK

I don't know much about this crew or the video maker responsible for capturing and putting the piece together, Sirus F Gahan, but I like the resulting edit.

Check out "Tulip" below. A short little edit from the UK featuring some rippers and dynamic filming/editing.

The Music of Spirit Quest

This rad new feature on the French website "Maelstrom Magazine" tells the store of the original music behind the amazing Spirit Quest video. Check it out below and listen to the hour long mix they made for the article. 

Nick Boserio Solo Skate Mag Interview

Interview: Stefan Schwinghammer Photo: Matt Price

It’s 10 a.m. and Nick is just enjoying English muffins for breakfast as I contact him via Skype. He has to laugh when I ask him if that’s part of his English heritage. He was born in England and afterwards went to India, Oman, and Indonesia, before he came to Perth in Australia. By now, he resides in Portland. Also with his board sponsor, it was a bit of a back and forth, but here as well, he’s finally safely arrived at Polar. I try to not to fan out too much, but this interview with Nick was on the top of my to-do list since I’ve seen the first clip of him in 2011, cause nobody can charge in a more interesting way than olyungolbrassy! Finally, it’s time....Continue reading.

"Satan is Boring" A New Video from NoloNashville

If you weren't fortunate enough to see the last video by the NoloNashville crew, CUNTRY, then we feel sorry for you. Not only was CUNTRY the most unique and unexpected indie project of 2014 but it was also our favorite.

Well, the NoloNashville boys are back at it again and just released an all new project entitled "Satan is Boring". And this project is actually online so you don't even have to wait patiently for a dvd to arrive in your mailbox. We always enjoy what these guys put out, both the video production and style as well as the skateboarding. So take a moment to block 10 minutes out of your busy schedule today to have a look at "Satan is Boring"

Back To The Feature With Aaron Herrington

To document a trick is to present a new thing into a broader context. Every new ad or clip somehow acknowledges what has taken place before it, while having the potential to influence what will come after it. The context of an iconic trick, clip, photo, or skater for that matter, evolves with the passing of time. Whether it be that someone comes and tries a harder trick on the same thing, or that it merely affects the way that later generations will come to approach skating in general—to publish a document of skateboarding is to engage in a conversation with skateboarding’s past and future.

Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Photo: Andrew Peters

Anthony Pappalardo is one of the forefathers of modern day street skating; his knack for combining technical innovation with an ability to reimagine the ways in which familiar spots can be seen in countless present-day examples. Aaron Herrington is one of the heaviest dudes active today, and is in many ways a descendant of Anthony Pappalardo. The two share an unconventional approach to spots, and are neither deterred by skinny run-ups nor landings... Continue Reading at Monster Children

Kevin Coakley On The New Traffic Video

What kind of spots have you been skating for the upcoming Traffic video? In your Make Friends part you skate some interesting Boston spots. I’ve been skating spots similar to my Blueprint part I would say. Just trying to find spots that haven’t been skated... Continue Reading

Magenta x Pop Trading Clip #2

To continue celebrating their new collaboration collection, Magenta and Pop Trading Co in Amsterdam just released another new short video piece featuring the Magenta & Pop crews shredding Amsterdam. Click below to check it out.

Carhartt WIP Presents: SEOUL PAST & NEO

Part of the Carhartt WIP skateboard team paid a visit to South Korea to experience skating the old Seoul VS skating in Songdo, the brand new futuristic smart city where everything is monitored and under control. Featuring Aaron Herrington, Max Palmer, Deshi and Andrew Wilson to name a few. Filmed and edited by: Joaquim Bayle.