The History of Skateboarding's Most Famous Camera

Jenkem Mag just posted an interesting read on skateboarding's most famous camera, the VX1000. “The VX1000 and that original Century Optics fisheye, the combination of those two made it this super camera. So seeing Jeremy Wray three-sixty over that lens was like, ‘What the fuck is that? I have to figure that out.’” - Josh Stewart

Minuit San Francisco

Yoan Taillandier just put together a rad edit of clips he filmed in SF about 5 years ago but never released! Featuring Ben Gore, Evan Kinori, Zach Chamberlin, Carlos Young, Jesse Narvaez, Bryan Botelo, Tobin Valverde, James Ahern, Santiago Sasson, Leo Valls, Matias Elichabehere , Yoan Taillandier and James Coleman. Additional filming by Zach Chamberlin.

Leo Valls Urbanism Pioneer

The Kingpin Mag site just did a really interesting article/interview with Magenta's Leo Valls about his work organizing with the city of Bordeaux, France to make skateboarding legal. Very much worth a gander when you have a few free minutes.....

Christian Maalouf's "WKND" Part

High jumper extraordinaire, and Theories Brand agent, Christian Maalouf just dropped an amazing new part for WKND. Welcome to the pro ranks, Christian!

45 Apparel 411 Promo

Some of our friends down in Florida just released a little promo for their local apparel brand 45 apparel. It's got a pretty rad little 411 them and it features a bunch of the dudes in the up and coming Florida scene so it's worth a gander on this rainy Wednesday.....

Corner Store Skate Co Edit

Kevin Coakley sent over a new video piece that he has a clip in that just went live on the Thrasher website. It's a new video by Massachusets brand Corner Store Skate Co. Check it out when you get a chance.

The Dial Tone roster keeps growing...

The new Dial Tone brand has been hitting us with rad new announcements almost every other day. And last night the team list grew by another awesome skater, Baltimore's Brian Powderly. Check the 4 announcements below to get hyped and follow @dialtonemg for more updates.