Collective Bargaining

Alexis Sablone cruised through Midtown and Times Square with our dude Josh Stewart manning the 16MM camera. That nollie heelflip off the ledge gave us major flashbacks to PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life.

“You had all these planners and architects in the 1950s and ’60s saying cities need these grand, celebratory spaces—and they really didn’t.” Curbed, Ocean Howell, and James Kelch provide a fascinating look into the background of Title 1 projects funded by the American Housing Act of 1949, and how one project in particular shaped modern skateboarding.

Akira Imamura’s part from the recent Evisen video is everything you’d expect: quick feet, amazing Japanese spots, and lots of night footage. Can’t beat it.

Ross Norman is 39 years old. Let that sink in as you watch him do switch frontside shove-it backside 5-0 to shove-it out, both ways.

Our friends at the Giving Room took a trip through India this spring to meet up with the crews and collectives who are shaping the country’s skate scene.

Brian Delatorre, the unsung hero of the GX1000 crew, has a little part up for OJ Wheels. That backside noseblunt at the forbidden banks went by way too quick for how tough that spot is to skate.

A list of top five video parts without any of the usual suspects is always refreshing to see (doubly so when it includes Jerry Hsu’s part in Black Cat). Cyrus Bennett’s five favorites, via Quartersnacks.

Jarne Verbruggen has a feel-good new part out and a painfully frank interview up at Free Skate Mag, centered around his struggles with substance abuse.

Should skateboarders unionize? Jenkem investigates.

Bust Crew is premiering Nightmare Van on June 28th in Richmond and yes, they will have hard copies available at the premiere. If it’s anything like Gospel, we’re already sold.

Homepage photo of Sergei Trudnowski from @scienceversuslife