Josh Stewart Raw Tapes: The Amazon

Jake Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Adelmo Jr, Raymond Molinar, Joey Pepper, Jack Sabback and photographer John Mehring traveled to the end of the Amazon in 2010 and began a 10 day journey sailing against the current and discovering skate spots along the way. This super sweaty, rainy, filthy and insane tour produced a surprising amount of rad footage as well as all of the crazy experiences, pirañas, sloths, prehistoric Dino-dolphins and sea sickness that you might expect with such a trip.

Josh put together a mix tape of the raw footage right after the trip for all of the boys to watch and recap their adventure. Although the 10 part documentary series that Josh created from this adventure went live on the Skateboarder Mag site years ago, we decided to post up this amazing raw footage edit showing a bunch of stuff that never got seen in the docu-series and with the simple, pure background sound from the actual trip.

Click below and enjoy the Amazon, in the raw!