Time Fades Away

In cased you missed it (or you’re just saving it to watch before your Saturday session), Look Right premiered online earlier this week. Traffic’s had strong ties to Japan ever since Tokyo Transfer dropped ten years ago, so it was only fitting that the team made their way back to Tokyo earlier this year. The video features Hiroki, Luke Malaney, George Haunschak, Kevin Coakley, Ricky Oyola, Pat Stiener, and a grip of friends, with John Valenti behind the lens. DVDs are still available in the web store, if you’re a hard copy nerd like me.

I definitely didn’t expect Ron Knigge’s Chrome Ball Incident interview to be as interesting as it was, but I should know better than to sleep on Chops.

“I think keeping these sites from being destroyed and allowing them to have a new life is really important because skateboarders make them vibrant places, places that are actually being used.” Grey knows you can never have too many interviews with Alexis Sablone.

Jenkem delves into “illegal” tricks with the duo behind the Bunt.

We normally don’t worry about truck sponsor team changes, but it must be said: sponsoring a dude whose nickname includes the phrase “loose trucks” is a great look for Ace.

Zered Bassett, reminding us it’s been sixteen years since Vicious Cycle dropped…

…and Josh Kalis, reminding us it’s been two full decades since his most infamous 360 flip.