Kevin Coakley Blueprint x Traffic

For a lot of skaters, Kevin Coakley’s name was introduced thanks to the work of designer and filmmaker Dan Magee. As the creative force behind the UK’s Blueprint Skateboards, Dan chose Coakley at a young age to be their very first non-UK team rider. And it was Kevin & Dan’s work together in the “Make Friends With the Colour Blue” video that put Kevin on the map. Since Blueprint went out of business before they could give Kevin a board, Traffic Skateboards thought it would be rad to let Magee design Kevin’s newest pro deck. Over the years these two personalities have created some awesome work together and now they’ve joined forces again to bring us the new “Eastham” graphic and “Kundalini Cut” video edit.

Inspired by the Traffic "Look Left" Re-Edit competition. The "Kundalini Cut" combines Kevin Coakley's Blueprint MFWTCB footage with his Traffic Part. Edited by Dan Magee.

“I love breaking the norms and Coakley's graphic and little story behind it is super good. It shows we do things for the love, respect and history of skateboarding. Corporate companies would avoid mentioning another brand unless it was a blatant colab.” - Ricky Oyola

The Traffic Skateboards Coakley “Eastham” graphic is designed by Dan Magee with photo artwork contributions by Paul Gonella. It celebrates the sand dunes and salty air that cover the Massachusetts coast, including Eastham, MA, Kevin's hometown. Available now at your local and online at the TOA web store!