Echoes of Rasa Libre in Chris Athans’ official welcome to Northern Co, filmed and edited by none other than Zach Chamberlain.

WKND frontrunner Grant Yansura has a can’t-miss episode of the Nine Club, and he posted an iPhone montage of the team’s recent trip to Florida, to boot.

Yeah, you might have seen these Josh Bos raw clips before, but I hadn’t, so they made it onto the roundup.

A minute or so of Tom Knox cruising around London should be enough to get you ready for the next episode of Atlantic Drift, and a minute or so of Max Palmer should whet your appetite for the upcoming 917 video.

Speaking of, my favorite Bloby is finally pro.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we uploaded Vivien Feil’s Static IV part and the State “Thought You’d Never Ask” feature from a few weeks back.

Finally, Krooked uploaded all their full-lengths to YouTube this week, so if you haven’t seen Khronicles, Gnar Gnar, Naughty, or Krook3d, now’s your chance.

Homepage photo of Zach Lyons by Richard Hart.