Nathan Cameron in "Skating is Easy"

In an effort to help bring you more and more strong offerings from the underground and independent skate scenes around the world, TOA will be doing our best to present a video part from every new indie dvd we carry in the future. And we’re super stoked that Pete Spooner was willing to be the first to work with us on this plan with his latest video “Skating Is Easy”.

Pete has been making rad underground skate videos for a long time now. With a number of titles under his belt including “Boondoggle”, “Debris”, “Flow Trash”, “Debris 2” and more, this newest project is yet another offering that helps shine light on the much ignored skate scene of the midwest. But this new project includes several skaters from outside of the Minnesota scene from which he hails, including shredders like Washington DC’s Jeremy Murray and NYC’s Cooper Winterson.

We just got this full part uploaded to the TOA Youtube channel, so it’s still warm and toasty. So we hope you enjoy a little glimpse into “Skating Is Easy” as well as the casual shredding of Nathan Cameron. And the full dvd is available here if you’d like to snatch a copy for the collection.