First things first, have you watched (and rewatched) “Thought You’d Never Ask” yet? Whenever you’re finished, the State x Theories collaboration is live now in the webstore, for ladies and gentlemen of discerning taste.

Over the past few years, Bobby Worrest has quietly cemented his spot as the mayor of Pulaski, and one of the all-time greats. Watch his “Welcome to Venture” part - his sixth part in five years - before diving into his history via the Chrome Ball Incident.

“Sublime is sacred to me — you can’t rush art.” Five of the best editors of our time speak on the sanctity and value of music selection.

The second installment of James Cruickshank’s Afterbang is a I Like It Here Inside My Mind… throwback, complete with a mini Jerome Campbell part.

Politic surprised Joshua Bos with a well-deserved bump up to pro status last weekend. When he’s constantly putting out parts like WIDE OPEN, he and his brother’s latest project, can you blame them?

If Upstate New York isn’t crusty enough for you, check out NOT UR WAR, a promo for Infinity Skateshop in St. Louis featuring lots of the faces and places we saw in Comb.

This week’s spot-centric montage: Southbank, with Tom Knox and friends.

Homepage photo of Christian Maalouf by Ben Gore.