Chemical Sunset

First and foremost, have you voted?

I’m legitimately shocked the Gronze Island dudes found as many spots on a remote Portuguese island as they did.

The Nike SB Crust Belt Tour clip has pretty much every type of skating imaginable, from boardslide to 50-50s on round rails to pop shove late flips to switch back tails on hubbas to a padless 540.

Butter Goods came through with a nice little team retrospect, spanning 2013 to 2018

Quartersnacks reminisces on bulletproof shoes, rubber lace loops, and stash pockets with the Muska.

Pekka Løvås, the brains behind some of Norway’s best (and possibly only) skate videos, just finished up his latest, DE ANDRE. Stian Jacobsen and Jonatan Drab’s parts are live, courtesy of Free Skate Mag.

Colored grip connoisseur Cooper Winterson brings a new approach to the Con-Ed banks in his Skating is Easy part.

Some of Raymond Molinar’s impossible ledge lines got Memory Screened. I totally forgot he skated to Joy Division… or did they lift that song from someone else’s part in Video Hype?

On the aural tip this week, Seven Year Glitch lensman Ricki Bedenbaugh is the latest guest on the Nine Club, and Tim O’Connor unearthed a scrapped episode of his show with none other than Ricky Oyola in the hot seat.

Photo of Jahmal Williams from @scienceversuslife.