Growing Pains

Our friends over at WKND are premiering Sir Palmer tonight, highlighting the exploits of Alex Schmidt and Trevor Thompson. You know the brand's track record is mostly impeccable, so if you're in the L.A. area, don't miss it.

Single-spot parts were all the rage this summer. Dean Palmer and Pass~Port kick off spring in the southern hemisphere with a feel-good part, filmed exclusively at Taylor Square.

While on the subject of notable spots, watch Nik Stain, Kyron Davis, and Casper Brooker blaze through Southbank in this short clip for Nike and Supreme.

Toronto's skate scene has been overlooked lately, but the new Blue Tile Lounge video might change that. Bobby de Keyzer's part is the first of many to trickle in over the coming weeks.

Push Periodical and Sprinkles came through with another excellent Partial World Tour, this time cruising through Paris and Athens.

Not only is Gilbert Crockett's Mother part online (again), but he stars in the first installment of "Out There," a web series on some of the outliers in skateboarding.

RIP Sidewalk Mag.

Homepage photo of Jack Sabback by Jonathan Mehring.