"Introduction" By Busted Mic

It's amazing how much great work has come out of the Tampa Bay area over the last few years. With Stephen Buggica and the Shaqueefa boys stirring things up with awesome edits and full length videos that would be enough. But add in Tristan Mershon and his awesome video offerings along with the Soft Hoagie Rolls crew, the Bay area is a serious hot bed of skate creativity and talent. And it's also just hot....like, painfully, scorching, brutally hot. But somehow these dudes still hold it down with the solid content.

This new video project entitled "Introduction" brings us the first offering from Stephen Buggica's "Busted Mic" and features a solid collection of shredders including Jimmy Lannon, Dustin Eggeling, Dave Cruz, PJ Castellano, Manny Rodriguez and Piro Sierra. We're always hyped on whatever Buggica and his squad produce so we were honored to be given the chance to host this project on the TOA site.

So now, sit back and enjoy "Introduction" by Busted Mic.......