Litmus Test

Obviously, we're gonna kick off this week's roundup with Christian Maalouf's WKND part, where he manages to make fakie flips over things look astoundingly easy.

Koichiro Uehara's part in the Etnies video is live for a mere 24 hours. Hurry up and watch!

Clocking in at thirteen minutes, Blue Smoke is a quick one from Daylight Skateboards out of New Zealand.

Henry Edwards-Wood, of Hold Tight London, recently compiled some of his favorite footage from the past few years to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Long Live Southbank. The result is "APPENDIX A: The Holborn Tea Party."

Watch Austyn Gillette cruise Sydney for an Ikea-sounding sunglasses brand.

We've got more text-based features than we've ever featured before, so buckle up!


  1. Greg Hunt speaks on fifteen years of filmmaking, and the relationships formed over that period.
  2. Noah G. Shannon spent a weekend down south capturing the essence of Grant Taylor for "Atlanta Hellride."
  3. Monster Children interviewed office favorite Justin Henry about Ohio spots, Lebron James, and the upcoming Quasi video... 
  4. ...which probably doesn't have a full #JkJhnsn part, as Purple mastermind Ben Chadourne more or less confirmed in his "Five Favorite Video Parts" feature for Quartersnacks. :(

Homepage photo of Jake Johnson taken by Eric Palozzolo.