In Through The Out Door

The new JB Gillet part was quite the pleasant surprise (albeit unfortunately named). Dudes pushing forty and still dropping full parts is a trend I can get behind.

St. Losers spent most of the last week uploading Comb to YouTube on a part-by-part basis, so he gets another shoutout in the roundup! If you haven't already done so, check out great parts from Levon Conkin, Chris Jackson, Derrick Smith, and, my personal favorite, Max Wheeler.

The bigwigs behind Politic have annexed The Vacation and merged the two teams, creating some sort of East Coast super group. We're gonna miss The Vacation's art direction, but at least Politic provided us a nice parting gift

Jenkem and Levi's blazed through the south, leaving no DIY spot unfurnished or house party unsullied.

Downtime, the latest short film from Converse, is a nice reminder that winter isn't over just yet. Featuring a grip of Cons European riders.

Can you imagine undergoing ankle surgery, not skating for three months, and skating like this on one of your first days back? Must be nice.

Nerd out on five tricks that almost made it into Video Days.

Traffic rider Mark Wetzel has a lengthy interview up on Live Skateboard Media! Learn French and read it in two languages.

Time changes this weekend, get ready.