Omar Comin'

Big week for the Baltimore scene. In no specific order, we have:

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, Chris Mulhern has been keeping a low profile while plugging away at a new project. In preparation, he just dropped "Untitled 002," a six-minute footage dump masquerading as a trailer.

Speaking of footage dumps, Tombo debuted "FAT POCKETS" this week,  a montage spanning 2000 to 2010 and featuring, well, just about everyone you can imagine.

Newly christened Magenta pro Glen Fox zips around Helsinki. Always good to see Luka Pinto in the mix, as well.

"What is Sci-Fi Fantasy?" "I don't know." Jerry Hsu on the Nine Club.

JETLAGBROTHERS make me pine for tropical locales and quick-footed lines.

Send Help! went to Barcelona and reminded everyone they've seen Sorry.

Finally, the minds behind Grey Area are back at it again with Neverwhere, a new full-length you can expect to see in April.