TOA's favorite videos of 2017

Over the last couple of years we've had a difficult time deciding what constitutes a "video" in this new age of online edits. The definition of a "video" has been tweaked drastically. But this year we were pleasantly surprised to see that there were actually several videos that constituted a more traditional "full length" project (15+ minutes, hard copies available, several full parts, etc.). Before we knew it we had a list that surpassed 10 videos, AND that was before we even jumped into some of our favorite online pieces. Consistent with previous years, a good video project for us should do something to grab your attention and immerse you in a unique experience. And our top picks did exactly that. From an unexpected underground indie project out of the midwest, to an unexpected hit out of the far east. The midwest actually got TWO projects on the board in our list which is quite impressive. And the south came through hard with an amazing indie project and of all things a skate shop video as well. It was a great year for full lengths and we had a hard time narrowing down our list. But here it is below, enjoy, hate, or whatever you'd like and please let us know in the comments below!


Realm by Deep Dish

This video almost made it into our favorite "online release" section, but clocking in at over 17 minutes long, and with 3 full parts this is definitely a full release. Mark Dunning and the Deep Dish crew in the Windy City are proving to be one of the most productive filming crews out there. Deep Dish videos never disappoint, and last year's "Realm" was a banger with Brett Weinstein shutting it down with one of the strongest indie video parts of the year. The "Boil the Ocean" blog even awarded Brett part of the year for this part.



PALASONIC by Palace Skateboards

Well before there was a VHS video app for your phone the guys over at Palace took an MK-1 lens and duct taped it to an old VHS camera. They followed this unique video format for six years, and we now have the first full-length from Palace. From the gear, to the camera, Palasonic is a time warp straight to the 90's. The entire team came through with really great parts, and it's rad to see the majority of the team all in one video project for the first time. And after watching Lucien's 7 minute long part it's no surprise that he was contender for SOTY.



Super-Visual by Threads Idea Vacuum

Matt Creasy, Alex Rose and Chris Thiessen have created a really original and awesome series with the Threads projects. But they really seemed to find their groove with "Supervisual" last year which blew me away with it's editing, subtle humor and excellent musical score. It's also really refreshing to see a solid voice given to the southeastern skate scene and I thought the choice of connecting it to the Long Beach skate scene, via Chris Thiessen was a nice touch.



Gospel By Venue Skate Shop

Ever wonder what Virginia skating is all about? This is the video for you! This video has full parts from Caleb McNeely, Ty Beall, Jon Rowe, Gilbert Crockett and more. A solid line up chock full of amazing trick selection, rugged spots, and a whole lot of style. 



Comb by St. Losers

This latest video from the St. Losers crew is a really exciting project that brings some shine to an often over looked city for skateboarding.Comb is an exhaustive exploration of the city of St. Louis, and turns up some amazingly terrible midwestern spots. If you're into house spots, alley spots, and general crusty shit, this is the video for you. Max Wheeler came through with our personal favorite part. 



Sabotage 5 by Sabotage Productions
The Sabotage crew bids a fond farewell to Love Park in their final chapter of the Sabotage saga. As much of a bummer it was to see the destruction of Love Park it was a real treat to see the Sabotage crew find completely new ways to utilize all the rubble left behind. The ledge tech, and tile popping make this video an ode to Phillies past and future... Til' it's dirt.



CALL ME 917 by 917 Skateboards

Usually hype kills... that was not the case for 917's first real video offering. You already know Max and Cyrus kill it, but there's a lot of gems to find in here. Top notch skating mixed with the nostalgic sounds of Pavement and Samiam in the background, and you've got the feel good video of the year. 



Mixtape Vol. 3 by Shaqueefa

You might be asking what the hell is Shaqueefa? Well it's a super tight crew that might feature some of your favorite underground skaters like Yonnie Cruz, Dustin Eggeling, and Jimmy Lannon. If you're still not sure just watch the trailer and you'll understand.



The Evisen Video by Evisen Skateboards

The Japanese skate style has been trending for quite some time now, and Evisen is here to keep it going. With quick cuts, crazy spots, and original ideas Evisen always keeps you guessing. When you mix all the parts together you get the perfect balance of Japanese style with a traditional skate video twist. 



Look Left by Traffic Skateboards

Traffic videos are known for being rough around the edges and Look Left takes that theme and kicks it up a notch. Featuring the entire Traffic team from the east coast, and the far east. This video makes you want to get out skate, and explore your city. Superb skating by a cast of underdogs hitting overlooked spots.




What would a Best of 2017 Skate video list be without the online edits. Here's three of our favorites... 

Theories Takes Chicago by: Theories Brand

It was only a matter of time before the Theories crew hit Chicago, the incredible skyline and early 20th-century architecture is just too perfect. With the help of two locals Brett Weinstein and Steffen Watts guiding them, you know it's going to be good. Tons of spots you've rarely seen being handled by; Brendan Carroll, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Nawrocki etc... 


Atlantic Drift New York by: ISLE Skateboards

Jacob Harris and the the ISLE crew are a tight squad, and they spent all of 2017 putting out constant episodes of their Atlantic Drift series. We're a little biased here in New York, but honestly their NYC episode is easily one of the best. Check the last trick and you'll see what I mean.


Partial World Tour II by Push Periodical

With an exceptional crew of Bobby Worrest, John Baragwanath, Kevin Coakley, and Ryan Barlow you really can't go wrong.  Add in Zach Chamberlin behind the lens, Portugal and Belgium's amazing spots,  and you have yourself a best of the year edit. Also shout out Worrest's crazy line with the best fakie hard flip I've seen since Stevie.