Out of the Loop

Three days into 2018, and we've already got some new GX1000

RB Umali condensed fifteen years of New York City skateboarding (spanning 1995 to 2010) into fifteen minutes, with a heavy emphasis on Huf, Quim Cardona, the Brooklyn Banks, and the grates at Flushing.

Feeding off that retro vibe, Memory Screen put together a Chaos-inspired best-of montage, full of his favorite 90s and 00s skaters, to kick off the new year.

The Last Orders video just dropped out of Leicestershire, England, with great parts from James Bush (that ender!), Charlie Munro, and strong showings from everyone in the montage.

Someone took the time to compile Bobby Dekeyzer's iPhone footage ahead of this year's Cons video.

Once upon a time, New York City wasn't covered in snow, and you could open your front door without fearing the wind knocking you back. Revisit that forgotten era with Krooked's raw NYC clips.

I'm sure you've already seen Seimi Miyahara and Shinpei Ueno's parts from the Evisen Video, but there's no harm in watching them again before grabbing a copy of the DVD from the Theories web store.

-Andrew Murrell