Elkin Raw Tapes: Episode 8

Another dope episode of the Elkin Raw Tapes comin' at you with a really eclectic mix of faces including Fred Gall, Jason Spivey, Daniel Kim, Joseph Delgado, Chris Teta, Joel Meinholz, Billy McFeely, George Hanuschak and a lot more. Also, Aaron Herrington has nearly a full video part in this episode, with second angles and different makes from clips that ended up in videos like Static IV, Poisonous Products, The Polar Skate Co video and The Brodies.

We can't get enough of these raw tapes features and it's never disappointing to discover what waits behind the play button on each new episode. So click video below and enjoy a gaggle of raw clips from Jeremy Elkin's vaults from the spring of 2012.