Kevin Coakley Jenkem Interview

Besides giving you the flexibility to put your face in your own crotch or fart with ease, yoga is a way to experience life in a much more peaceful way. For example, there are many ways to cope with the frustration when youโ€™re skating, you can stop trying your trick and just take the loss, you can drink a case of PBRs and forget you were even trying a trick, or you can step aside meditate and eliminate the sensation of frustration altogether. Thatโ€™s what Kevin Coakley preaches, along with yoga, a healthy diet and a few beers with the boys.

Kevin has a bit of a cult following here in the east coast skate scene, but he has been relevant on the west coast, the UK and even Florida from riding for Blueprint and Think in the past. So we sat down to talk about his psyche, his diet, and his upcoming video part in the new Traffic video that drops this month. Read the rest here.

                                                                       Kevin Coakley Fakie Crook  photo: Alex Reyes

                                                                       Kevin Coakley Fakie Crook photo: Alex Reyes