This Just In From Miami!

Mikey Bueso is one of the best filmers on the east coast. You may have seen his full length video "Volunteers" which showcased a combination of Miami and Baltimore shredders in a well put together edit. And he recently reached out to us in an effort to help remind people that just because MIA had to close their doors doesn't mean that the shredding has stopped. The Miami scene seems as strong as ever with a lot of the old staples still keeping it live and a large new roster of young rippers also in the mix keeping the scene fresh. 

The new "9th St Lurkers Live" piece not only showcases the rad crew of the MIA scene and some guest skaters from Mikey's home away from home, Baltimore, it also features a gaggle of rad new spots from around the city of Miami. We have a special place in our heart for the Miami and we're really stoked to be able to host this new edit and help remind people of the rad crew holding it down in the overwhelmingly oppressive heat of the tropical Florida swamps.

Skaters featured include (in order of appearance): Rene Perez, John Baragwanath, Alejandro Yurrita, Mikey Higuera, Tom Rockwell, Willie Stackus, Zach Dykes, Chris Teta, Sam Shuman, Koki Loaiza, Jimmy  Lannon, Richie Zuczek, Paul Deoliviera, Steve Young, Joel Meinholz, Abe Bethel, Andre Lazama, Lazaro Reyes, AJ Petit, Josh Narvaez, Julio Betancourt and Eric Torres.
Filmed and edited by Mikey Bueso.........enjoy!