Raw Tapes Episode 10, Static II Division

This new episode of Raw Tapes joins along the Static II Europe travels as one of the main London trips came to an end and we hopped on board the Eurostar train to Barcelona and posted up with Paul Shier and Kenny Reed for a month. 2003/2004 was a rad time in the Barcelona scene as skaters had just started to find out about the amazing city. Paul Shier, Kenny Hughes, Kenny Reed, Justin Strubing and Jerry Hsu all had recently moved to the city and were hosting a gaggle of different friends from around the world including myself, Bobby Puleo and Ricky Oyola while working on their Static II parts. This episode features almost 7 minutes of raw footage from the first leg of the Barcelona trip and features:  Bobby Puleo, Toby Shaul, Kenny Reed, Paul Shier, Kenny Hughes, Justin Strubing, Donny Barley and Ricky Oyola.