Elkin Raw Tapes: Episode 4

We're pleased to present the next episode of the Elkin Raw Tapes series showcasing raw footage from summer of 2011. Episode 4 features a pretty gangster line-up including Jordan Trahan, Dan Forkin, Brian Delatorre, Brian Clarke, Nestor Judkins, German Nieves, Jimmy Macdonald, Daniel Kim, Curtis Rapp, Pedro Garboza, Danny Falla, Joseph Delgado, Joe Tookmanian, Leo Gutman and more. Footage that ended up in several videos including Poisonous Products, The Brodies, Static IV , the Polar Skate Co video and several other projects.

This episode is straight up fire and it will be 7 minutes and 41 seconds very well spent. Jordan Trahan is a special treat in this episode and a lot of his footage still feels really fresh and solid. Never can get enough of him and the rest of the line-up is also quite amazing. Without further ado, please enjoy episode 4.