The Payoff

In the "surprising to virtually no one department," Cyrus Bennett is now a professional skateboarder. Pro shirts really should make a comeback, no?

Brian Anderson was on the Nine Club, Andrew Reynolds had an Epicly Later'd episode. Good week for legends.

We lost the Triangle, but at least the basketball court on Grand Street is experiencing a resurgence. Watch the Grand Collection team hit all the lower Manhattan staple spots in AUTUMN.

Urban Bear Grylls dropped "Botched," an edit out of Melbourne featuring one of the most underrated skateboarders I can think of.

Tiago Lemos is a super human.

Magenta flow rider Forrest Huber had his Bush League 2 part chopped and screwed by none other than Theories of Atlantis's Jovi Bathemess. Check it out for a look into the Salt Lake City scene.

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: Delve into the virtues of skipping the session with me, this week on Jenkem.

-Andrew Murrell