Jake Rupp Full 'Static' Part

For your Throwback Thursday viewing pleasure, we just uploaded Jake Rupp's incredible video part from the original Static video. Originally premiered in 1999, this video part is nearly 20 years old. And it seriously could be released today and seem current. Jake Rupp has one of the most amazing styles in skateboarding and this part was filmed over the period of one cross-country filming trip from Washington DC to California. And one road trip to Philadelphia and Ocean City, Maryland.

If you've never seen this part you're in for a treat. When the video premiered, Jake had a lot of footage throughout the main body of the video, mixed up between several montages. But when the video ended and went to the credits, Jake didn't have a full part. The audience members who were expecting a part from Jake were a little disappointed as the credits rolled. But then, all of a sudden it seemed like the video was glitching. With sound effects making it sound like the dvd was glitching, the screen jumped and twitched and then went to black. The audience sighed and figured it was just a usual skate video premiere SNAFU. But then all of a sudden Jake Rupp's name title popped onto the screen and everyone realized that Jake's part was secretly nested in the credits. Jake's style and abilities blew people's minds and this part was definitely the right choice to shut down the video.