RAW TAPES: London 2006 Episode 6

I spent roughly 4 months in London during the summer of 2006 while filming for the Static III video which premiered the following year. Aside from a few short trips to Paris, Israel and India most of the summer was spent in London and it's really unbelievable how productive the trip turned out to be. Throwing a large cast of talented skaters into a new environment is a sure fire recipe for getting a lot of footage but the unique texture and vibe of the London aesthetic proved to be especially inspiring to all of us. Not to mention the rad London skate scene made up of some of the nicest and funniest skaters I've ever known. 

This week's episode focuses a little more heavily on the local London skaters and features a hefty amount of footage of Daniel "Snowy" Kinloch, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier and Olly Todd to name a few. Lots of unused clips in this episode as well, so kick back, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the London Raw Tapes, Episode 6.