Cooler Than Cool

Quartersnacks and Mike Gigliotti teamed up to tackle the etymology around some of New York City’s more colorfully-named spots.

If I’m skating half as well as Dave Caddo is when I hit 39, I’ll be ecstatic. Watch Dave crunch through the Bronx in his new part before reading the follow-up interview on Thrasher.

“…I’d rather watch Nik Stain skate flat.”

Dean Palmer and friends kicked off their Summer Trip To NYC in Texas. Watch “CRITTER” for some Texas and Pennsylvania spot porn, a Jake Johnson cameo, and yes, plenty of animals.

Tombo’s done a great job encapsulating mid-2000s NYC in his “Raw Deals” series. Episode #005 focuses on a Volcom (?) trip to NYC, with some early Brandon Westgate gems.

Speaking of mid-2000s, Jenkem profiled the most mid-2000s spot imaginable: Alphabet City’s D7 blocks.

Twenty-five years of HUF ollies. Some things never go out of style.

Carhartt WIP’s latest video, LENTIICULAR is an audiovisual overload.

The Theories x Lakai pop-up shop is still going strong this weekend! Stop by 208 Bowery all weekend for deals, special promotions, events, and a video premiere on Sunday night.

Homepage photo by Jonathan Mehring.