Theories x Isle Theoriosities Collab Skateboard Deck


Product image 1Theories x Isle Theoriosities Collab Skateboard Deck
Product image 2Theories x Isle Theoriosities Collab Deck
Product image 3Theories x Isle Theoriosities Collab Deck
Product image 4Theories x Isle Theoriosities Collab Deck

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Anybody who knows the rich history of the Static video series knows that Paul Shier and Nick Jensen have had some of the most memorable skating in them. All these years later our friends are kicking it across the pond with their brand Isle Skateboards. Theories Brand and Isle came together to celebrate this storied past with a collaborative series with nods to both of our ethos. 

The Theoriosities Limited Edition Collab deck features knick knacks from Paul and Josh's Static II adventure all balanced upon each other. You can see the actual reels of 8mm film used in Paul's part as well as the VX tapes sitting on the wooden shelf. This board focuses on the mysteries of Theories and the zany knick knacks that are always a part of Isle's graphics.

These decks are all made on solid Generator wood. As always, every deck comes with a FREE SHEET OF THEORIES STAMP DIE-CUT GRIPTAPE!

Size Guide:

7.875" x 31.375"
WB: 14"

8.0" x 31.875"
WB: 14.125"

8.125" x 32"
WB: 14.25"

8.25" x 32"
WB: 14.25"

8.38" x 32.125"
WB: 14.375"

8.5" x 32.25"
WB: 14.5"

8.6" x 32.375"
WB: 14.625"

Special Delivery:
9.0" x 31.25"
WB: 14.25"

8.5" x 32.25"
WB: 14.375"
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