East meets West

First off, make sure to start your weekend off right with the new Lakai x Theories edit by Josh Stewart.

State Footwear took a trip to SF to introduce their two newest ams Chris Athens and Brain Powderly. What resulted from their trip is the rad new "B and C‚" edit by master lensmen Zach Chamberlin.

Tomek Ziolkowski's "Neverwhere‚" part just went live and serves as further proof that this video is a must for your skate video collection.

Who knew Adrain Lopez's favorite skate is Ricky Oyola?

Jonathan Ettman made good use of Colorado spots in his Transmisson 2 Part for Politic.

Atlantic Drift alumni Kyron Davis just dropped a new part for Numbers Edition.

"Nonsence‚" highlights some of the best (and crustiest) that Upstate, NY has to offer.

Just a few days left to submit your Yonnie Cruz x Vincent Alvarez re-edit. We just reactivated the download files for those of you that have been sleeping. Submission deadline is 12/3/18.

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