Definitely didn't expect to wake up to a new Mark Baines part this morning.

Eniz Fazliov has put out something like a dozen full parts over the past decade and he's not slowing down at all. If you're having trouble differentiating between this part and his past parts, remember that this is the one where he almost died during filming.

Nike SB Oz's "Disc‚" is another great edit from Geoff Campbell with plenty of spot porn, as expected, and features what's almost certainly the best crooked grind (nosegrind?) of the decade.

Jim Craven, the mind behind Land and Island, went to Sri Lanka and returned with Lanka, another instant classic. Both the sound editing and the spot selection in this one is on point. Starring Chris Jones, Oscar Candon, Sylvain Tognelli (flipping his board!), Remy Taviera, and Keanu Robson.

Pocket followed Vincent Alvarez around for a day in the life feature. Turns out he's as witty as his spots are rugged (but we already knew that).

Jerry Hsu on life "after‚" skateboarding and Sci-Fi Fantasy. Kinda weird that an outlet like GQ is doing better "skateboard‚" "journalism‚" than most major skateboarding outlets?

Drugdealer got Kenny Anderson in the studio to play trumpet on their latest album, so it's only fitting Kenny got lead singer Michael Collins out on a session in Brooklyn. Plus: new Brian Brown clip!

Taylor Nawrocki hopped in a time machine and traveled back to cooler months for a little Back To The Future cosplay.


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