Positive Incentive

After a rousing premiere last week, Dustin Eggeling's pro part for Hopps hit the internet late Thursday night. Make sure you block out a fair chunk of time for this one, because you're gonna want to rewatch it as soon as the credits hit. Congrats again, Dustin.

And, if you missed it earlier this week, Isaac Randozzi caught up with The Nine Club's Roger Bagley for an interesting stroll through his past and into the formation of the most popular skate podcast out.

Dane Barker cemented his spot on Quasi and Cons with a welcome part for the former and two of the best 50-50s we've seen in ages.

Dave Caddo's "Swole is the Goal‚" is a ten minute iPhone video with footage from Brian Powderly, Zach Dykes, Lurker Lou, and Dave himself.

Michael Mackrodt is back with another all-line part, this one filmed in… Malaysia and Chicago? Certainly an interesting pairing.

Joe Perrin just kicked off "Digging Through The Tapes,‚" a new video series where he grabs a random tape from the drawer and posts whatever he finds on there. The first episode features the behind-the-scenes of Forrest Kirby doing a hellacious pivot fakie.

Finally, a moment of silence for the Bellsouth building in Atlanta. After hearing rumblings of construction for the past year, remodeling has finally started, and the renditions all but guarantee the spot is toast. The wallrides, ledges, and rails have serviced generations of skateboarders, from Stormy Pruett to Shane Farber, and I'm going to sorely miss seeing footage of the spot.


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