Point Blank

Bobshirt interviews keep getting better and better. It almost seems redundant to tell you to go watch the Aaron Meza interview that came out yesterday, but… go watch it.

In the most obvious team switch ever, Remy Taveira is pro for Isle.

Chrystie's got a video in the works, coming sooner rather than later (we think). Go to their pop-up this weekend and ask Aaron when it's dropping.

Static alum Andrew Petillo compiled some of his favorite clips he's collected over the years of the elusive New Jersey scum.

The Bender Hardware Video Zine is a hodgepodge of DIY footage, street clips, and mini ramp sessions from all your favorite rednecks.

Warm weather, a few Brian Anderson clips, and the first chunk of Jordan Trahan footage in a hot minute in the Krooked x Humidity video.

If the amount of shorts footage in the last two videos confused or angered you, read up on the younger generation's gravitation towards shorts.

"When it came time for the video we used the music from that advanced copy ‚Äì I didn't think anything of it, because the album wasn't even out yet. So yeah, we didn't get the rights and the album didn't even come out for two weeks after Questionable.‚" Mike Carroll, from Anthony Pappalardo's piece on how the Beastie Boys bridged skateboarding and popular culture.

The Killing Floor's latest full-length, Aquarius, came out of nowhere.

From the mastermind who brought you Island and Land comes Hringur, a voyage through Iceland with the Carhartt team.

Jenkem's got a rad write-up on the evolution and eventual proliferation of Euro-centric brands in an American-dominated industry.


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