We’re stoked to expand our “Underground Network” by linking up Buffalo, New York based ripper Justin Grzechowiak. Not only did we get learn about the current happenings in Buffalo, NY but we were also treated to rad new part filmed and edited by Brendan Lovelock. Click ahead and enjoy.

Ricky Oyola And the Rick's Picks Story

The original Traffic graphic designer and Ricky Oyola come together to tell the story behind the new "Rick's Picks" board series, harkening back to the classic Oyola boards of the past but with a new twist. Check it out here.

Dustin Eggeling Busted Mic Remix

One of our favorite projects this year was the Dustin Eggeling pro announcement video piece "Shady Blues". We thought it would be interesting to have Dustin's good friend, and one of our favorite underground videomakers, Stephen Buggica at Busted Mic in Tampa to remix the part for us.

Dial Tone Wheels Presents "Hotline"

It's been a little while since we got a call from the Dial Tone crew. But they're back in full force with "Hotline'. A new video project featuring the entire team as well as a few new faces. So why don't you pick up the line and give them a few minutes of your time?

Vladimir Underground Report by Live Media

If you've been wondering what the story has been behind all of the weird location that I've been posting on my Instag...

Studio Skateboards "Le Peace" Edit

Yeah, we know, Mark Suciu just broke the internet. But our friends up in Canada just released another rad video piece...

Magenta Releases "L'Indian Express" Video

Sourya Prakash Pandy is not just Soy's stage name.....he is actual of Indian descent. So Soy brought the Magenta Skateboards boys back to the homeland with him this summer and captured the whole experience through the lens of master videographer Patrik Walner. And in honor of their collaboration with VIsualTraveling, Magenta released "L'Indian Express" today....peep it now!

Inside The Skater's Studio w/ Brett Weinstein

We brought the Skater's Studio series to Chicago in this on-location shoot with Brett Weinstein and Jon Schmoldt ...

411VM Commercials

Welcome to the all new Theories Top Twelve. Who needs 10 when you can have 2 more? We only use 10 as a base count because we have 10 fingers and 10 toes, but what about us freaks born with extra digits? Well, we’re starting it out with an amazing list you will no doubt dig…the top twelve best 411 VM commercials of all time. Dig in.

A Fond Farewell

Big week for full lengths: Lotties Skateshop dropped Lotties Skateshop Must Be Stopped!, with plenty of footage f...

Catch and Release with Brett Weinstein

"Not every skater has the good fortune of being born in the right city at the right time and falling into just the right crew to make it into the spotlight. But there are several dudes holding it down in their forgotten cities, shredding under the radar and inspiring those of us paying attention to the underground. Brett Weinstein is a prime example of one of those skaters" - Josh Stewart

Life In Vain

The boys sat down with Chicago wunderkind Brett Weinstein and dissected his Realm part for the latest Inside the ...
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