"CrossFire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" By Jim Marrs

So I dove into a new book recently and am a few miles deep in the shit right now, pulling my hair out in shock and amazement at the never-ending matrix that is the JFK assassination story. If you are at ALL intrigued by the bizarre story surrounding this monumental event, THIS is the book you simply must read!

THis story simply has no end……I'm 300 pages deep right now and the amount of information that never reachd the ears or eyes of the public is seriously mountainous. Did you know that Oswald not only was doing top-secret espionage work for the FBI in Russia before the assassination, but he was also tied up in bizarre covert operations for the CIA in New Orleans leading right up to the assassination?
How about Jack Ruby? Well, the dude has countless connections to many suspected involved figures including personal ties to J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson to name a few.
Did you know that congress launched a second investigation in the 1970's called the House Select Committee on Assassinations and it concluded that there was a conspiracy, that Oswald wasn't the only shooter and that there was likely CIA involvement as well as countless coverups committed by the FBI. There are countless examples of the FBI getting caught red-handed destroying evidence and or outright lying to investigators….it's so bizarre.
The best part of it is that I'm not even halfway through with this monstrous epic and it's still just as confusing and mysterious as it had been before I picked the damned thing up.
And perhaps one of the MOST shocking tidbits uncovered was that JFK, just a few months before his assassinations, had issued an executive order taking the power to print money OUT of the Federal Reserve's hands and putting it back into that of the US Treasury. He actually had the US Treasury print over $4 billion in us currency in order to ween us off of the massive debt that the Federal Reserve had dug us into. This was VERY bold indeed. The Fed Res was incredibly powerful and would never have let this stand. Supposedly immediately after LBJ was sworn in after JFK's assassination, one of the first things he did was call in all of those US Notes and push the Fed Reserver back into power…..as well as reversing Kennedy's other executive order to withdraw troops from Vietnam.
The implications of these revelations are sky high.
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