"An Act Of State" By William Pepper

 Today the club returns to nerd out on a new book that is rocking my literary world entitled "An Act of State" by attorney William F. Pepper. The book chronicles the author's nearly 30 year search for the truth behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Similar to "Crossfire", the last book featured in the book club, "An Act of State" unearths mountains of shocking new evidence that you have NEVER heard on your evening news nor in your local newspaper. William Pepper was not only a very close friend to King before he was murdered, he was also hired by the King family to help defend the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, in court. Think about that. The King family was SO sure that James Earl Ray was set up as a patsy as part of a horrific conspiracy by elements within the US government, the they actually hired a lawyer to defend him. Pretty incredible.  Did you know that during the House Select Committe on Assassinations, a Congressional hearing in launched in the 1970's to reinvestigate both the JFK and MLK murders, unearthed evidence that the FBI was tapping MLK's telephones in his home and office and even were found to be tapping MLK's mother's phone? All in an attempt to catch King doing something, anything, that they could use to discredit him publicly and ruin his reputation. This isn't a theory, this is a fact which was openly discussed in congressional hearings in front of Congressmen and the press. So why haven't we ever heard about this?
What makes Mr. Pepper's especially enthralling is following along with him during his own journey of discovery as he hunts down witnesses, key players and even face to face meetings with the alleged assassin himself. The man to bring the only real trial in the murder of MLK has brought us an incredible book that should be required reading for every American citizen and student alike. Buy this book and your view of our country will change forever.
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