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News: Hopps Welcomes Piro Sierra

Hopps Welcomes Piro Sierra

Hopps keeps surprising us with out-of-the-box edits and new rad additions to the team. A slow and steady growth with a tight-knit team that skates together and has a solid cohesive vibe. The team just grew again today with this all new introduction video. Hopps have given a home to the long-time ripper and general maniac, Piro Sierra, originally from the Tampa Bay area and now a Bronx, NY local. I can’t help but make the connection from the loose cannon style of Hopps pro Joel Meinholz and the controlled chaos that is contained in Piro’s skating. Either way, it’s a rad addition and you need to check out the edit here to see what I’m talking about…...

I love that every time a new Hopps piece goes up online you never really have a clue what to expect when you press the ‘play’ button. It could be a sick, gritty skate montage. Or it could be Jahmal floating through the sky like ET. This new edit definitely sticks with that theme and doesn’t disappoint. Take a look and have fun ripping out there today.

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