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News: Bum Rush The Spot 7th St Part 2

Bum Rush The Spot 7th St Part 2

After a really fun Bum Rush event last year with Kinetic Skate Shop in Wilmington, Delaware Hopps Skateboards pro Joel Meinholz of IAmYourVillain decided to do it all over again this fall. So late in September a new event popped off and Joel and new Hopps am Brian Clarke headed down to Delaware for a day of throwing free product at local skaters ripping the DIY spot that has been the local staple for Kinetic homies and the WIlmington skate scene. Kinetic is one of the raddest shops in the US and I’m stoked that Joel was able to stage another event with them. This looked like a fun time and that new bank to ledge looks like a blast. Enjoy!

Thanks a million to Richard Quintero for filming and editing this Bum Rush the Spot event. Now check it out y’all.

from October 12


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