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News: Bum Rush the Philadelphia FDR

Bum Rush the Philadelphia FDR

No city is safe from getting Bum Rushed. This time Joel Meinholz and friends swooped into the often forgotten skate mecca of Philadelphia and Bum Rushed the incredible DIY spot under the FDR highway. Fred Gall, Willy Akers, Jahmal Williams and swarms of other showed up for the festivities and it looks like it turned into a pretty awesome event. I first visited the FDR spot in 1998 and it’s unbelievable to me that this spot is still going strong and has turned into what it is now. Probably the longest lasting DIY spot after Burnside. Pretty awesome and stoked to see this event popped off.

Thanks to Joel Meinholz, Vern Laird, Joe Buleo, Chris Mulhern, Exit Skate Shop, Reign and Converse for making this event and video piece happen. Enjoy.

from November 05


Sick.  When is bum rush comin to NJ??
And, where can i get this/is it out

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