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News: Behind the Scenes- ‘SF Hill St Blues 2’

Behind the Scenes- ‘SF Hill St Blues 2’

Magenta just posted up their summertime hit video “SF Hill St Blues 2” for all to see. And since our friend Isaac Mckay-Randozzi over at MyDumbLuck had spent about 6 weeks skating around with the crew during their stay in SF last year filming for the project, we asked him to write a few words about the experience and share his photography from those moments spent pushing around the classic skateboarding mecca. Isaac and Ben Gore have actually had several shows already, showing their photography captured from this project. And I believe more shows are in the works. But we have been given the privilege of sharing some of Isaac’s photos here on TOA. So read ahead to have a look.

Some skaters are able to express certain things with their tricks, with a combination of spot selection and style that goes beyond the mere actions of skating. The arch of the back, foot placement, crouch, arm position can differ from skater to skater like a fingerprint. We know certain silhouettes and styles without a caption. When I heard that Leo Valls and the other cats were coming to S.F. to film for their follow-up of Hill St. Blues, it was my hope that I could shoot a couple rolls with them for an article idea I had and that would be that. Twenty-four rolls of thirty-six exposure film and six weeks later I had enough decent images for a small book. By the end of their stay I had made new friends, skated with old ones and they had shared their spark and rekindled something I hadn’t felt in a long time. After 23 years of skating, sometimes you get bitter. Meeting up with Leo, Ben, Carlos, Vivien, Soy, Jimmy, Zach, Papa John Lyndsay, Masaki Ui and the other Gallic visitors became a welcome routine that started with coffee and discussion of the day’s spots. Then we would wander the hills and streets of S.F. finding new and old spots, trying to remember locations and rethink others. The laid-back attitude of the crew was welcoming and familiar but once in the streets it was all about getting things on film with Yoan’s VX close behind. Seeing them skate with style and in a classic way that reminds of us of the days when everything didn’t have to be filmed, just the stuff that looked damn good and was amazing. Something that ‘Hill St. Blues 2’ captures in so many ways. It is something tangible, you can hear it in the footage – in the screech of urethane and vibrations through the wheels and board as they hit every concrete seam as they haul-balls down the sidewalks.
-Isaac Mckay-Randozzi

Jimmy Lannon-Ollie

Benjamin Gore

Ben Gore-Massive Frontside 50-50

Soy Panday-Ollie Rail

Warming Up Soy Panday

Zach, Leo and Ben

Zach Lyons-Frontside Walljammer

Vivien Feil-Switch Shifty Ft Miley

Leo Valls-Threadneedle Wallie

Carlos Young-Frontside 5-0

Carlos Holding Down the Corner

Yoan Tallandier sets up

Masaki Ui-Tree Wallie

Posse In Effect

Ben Gore-Bump to Bump Ollie

Leo Valls-Switch 50-50 Fence



from June 10


Ben Gore and Jimmy Lannon are so good.

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