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News: Kevin Coakley is SO Pro Right Now

Kevin Coakley is SO Pro Right Now

It’s a great feeling when a friend has a turn of good fortune. But it’s especially satisfying when somebody who we’ve all been rooting for finally gets recognized after years of hard work. Kevin Coakley is one of those rare few that has fans and supporters spanning from the east coast and into the west. Fans of not only his talents on a skateboard, but also of his overall demeanor as a generally nice and likable person. That’s why I think his finally turning pro for Traffic is having such strong reverberations around the world of underground skateboarding, because we were all rooting for him. Kevin’s debut pro boards just released from Traffic this week and Thrasher just released his brand new pro part online today. Check it out and get some inspiration for your weekend shred.

If you have ever met Kevin you can’t help but be an instant fan. But his long running commitment to filming incredible video parts and finding unique and interesting skate spots has also earned him fans solely based on his propensity to entertain us on a skateboard. It’s not often this day and age for a skater who has put out a popular, strong video part to remain am for a long time. Kevin has put out THREE. And today, Thrasher is hosting yet another dope offering from this Boston shredder brought to us through the solid work of producer/editor Joe Bressler.

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