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News: Static IV World Premiere

Static IV World Premiere

The rumors are true for once. No more crying wolf. Static 4 is premiering next week. Thursday, May 1st. May Day. And we’d be stoked to see all of you there. Unfortunately, the seating will be limited so we want to offer half of them to guests who are dead set on getting a seat. And the other half will be available as first-come/first serve. So click ahead and follow the store prompt to secure your ticket to the world premiere of Static 4.

The doors open for the Static 4 premiere at 10pm at the Sunshine Cinema at 143 E. Houston in NYC on Thursday, May 1st. There will be 200 seats available for free as first-come/first-serve. And the remaining 100 seats are for sale here at $5/each. Please limit your purchase to 5 or less tickets per purchase. Ok back to editing…..see you guys there.

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