Jacob Harris "Vase" Interview on Grey Mag

Jacob Harris was the video maker behind one of our favorite indie videos of the past 5 years. The highly impressive "11th Hour" video out of the UK. Now Jake is back with a new project, the first full length video for Isle Skateboards, entitled "Vase". We're really excited to be hosting the first US premiere of "Vase" next Thursday. So let's get hyped by reading this brand new interview with jake that just went live on the Grey Mag site.

Tom Knox Part For Small Wheels

Tom Knox knocked our sox off with his shockingly powerful part in the Eleventh Hour video a couple of years back. And we're anxiously awaiting the soon to be full length Isle video. But SML Wheels just released a dope little part with Tom and some of his Isle crew so check it out and get out your napkin and silverware for the main course later this year.