TOA Keeps Annoyingly Encouraging You to Read

Sweet Jesus, it's 2015....NOBODY wants to have to read anymore. Let alone have to actually use their hand to form letters and words with a writing device. Pencils, pens, books and printed media are SO pre-2010. Moving closer and closer to the terrifyingly futuristic-sounding date of 2020, it's pretty bold to challenge skateboarders to read a book, as the TOA site assumes you might with our much ignored "Book Club" feature. But now they're pushing it to the limit with publishing a printed newspaper with actual words, articles and even an activities page requiring you to use such stone-age devices as a pen or pencil.

Lo and behold, if you're over 70 years old and have your reading glasses handy, or you are actually interested in media outside of the world wide web, check out this new offering from the TOA crew. "The TOA Times", a 12 page full color newspaper just released this week.