New "Octagon" video out of Europe now online

Early this year I was invited to go along with Ian over at Jenkem Mag to be a part of a little art show he was curating at the Bright trade show in Berlin. Along with the usual handshaking and industry talk that comes with most trade shows, I actually found myself at the premiere of this strange new video project for Carhartt WIP. And although I rarely expect anything too unique from big company skate videos I was actually surprised by this new video, entitled 'Octagon'. Whether you like the concept of this piece or not, you can't deny that it was a brave direction to go in an era where most videos are pretty cut n' dry skate footage set to old east coast hip-hop. I had to give the Jaoquim Bayle a lot of credit for taking a unique direction and doing a solid job in the process. 

Carhartt just made the video live online and I figured we'd share it if you're interested: