Hiroki Muraoka Playing in Traffic

Despite having a strong skate scene, Toyko's not an easy city to skate. If you want to hit the streets, you're mostly limited to rolling at night, and that's exactly when artist and skater Hiroki Muraoka filmed his latest Traffic clip, "Playing in Tokyo."

While it's a rather casual part, Muraoka's still pushing hard on every block, staying with the brand's heritage and putting together plenty of flip tricks at a healthy speed. He's only rocking one fit for the entire clip, so unless he pulled some Powell Peralta shit and wore the same gear for multiple filming sessions, we can assume this was a run-and-gun/one-and-done type effort. Nothing wrong with a casual part to get you hyped and Tokyo footage has a futuristic, Blade Runner-type vibe that always looks tight. - Anthony Pappalardo